Every astute leader recognises that human capital is an organisation’s greatest asset, and the challenge is to find compelling ways to engage and motivate their team. Research shows that as employees excel in relationships at home, they also become more engaged and motivated in the workplace. As part of a winning work-life strategy, here’s a list of lunchtime talks your organisation can get started with to benefit your employees and the organisation.

Parenting Talks

Dare to Discipline

Equipping parents to exercise loving discipline

Even the best-behaved of children will challenge authority to see where their boundaries lie. This talk will encourage parents and equip you with tools for firm yet loving discipline.

Giving Them a Headstart

Preparing your child for primary/secondary school

Learn how to prepare your children for school socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically, and help them deal with the issues of transition.

Hot Tips on Parenting

The ABC’s to raising confident and cooperative children

Learn three important components of building a resilient family and be equipped with a variety of practical tools for raising children who are grounded on strong and timeless values.

Keep Calm and Let’s Talk

How to talk so children/teens will listen

Learn how empathy and effective listening can open the door into your children’s heart and be equipped with practical tools for engagement that will help you build a bond with your children that last through the turbulent years.

Raising Resilient Kids

Helping your child/teen manage stress and emotions

Performing well in school, managing relationships and trying to find their place in this world, how do you know if your child is ready for the transition to teen and can cope? Learn techniques on emotional coaching to build your kid’s confidence and cultivate a positive attitude for learning and living.

Plugged-In Parenting

Engaging your media-savvy child to exercise media discernment

Learn to use gadgets wisely to stay connected throughout the day instead of letting it intrude on family time. Leverage the benefits of media and technology in engaging your children, while discovering practical tips on drawing the boundaries in their usage of media.

Parental Guidance

Equipping parents to address the difficult topic of sex with their children confidently

Do you know how to start open and honest conversations on healthy sexuality, love and relationships with your children? Discover new ways to approach this age-old topic and help them make wise decisions in their relationships.

Parent-Child Talks

Love Literate

Discovering and speaking each other’s love language

Strengthen your parent-child/teen relationship through this workshop by discovering the five communication styles to receive and express love through hands-on activities.


Help your kids manage screen time

Clarify your doubts on how much screen time to allow your children, and facilitate open and honest conversations with them during this workshop.

Let’s Talk about Sex

Creating a safe place for parents and child to talk about sex

In this workshop, be given the opportunity to have real-time, honest conversations with your tweens (10–12 years) on life, love and sex.

Marriage Talks

Secrets to a Thriving Marriage

Keys to romance and intimacy with your spouse

Often, what prevents us from baring it all to our spouse is the inability or lack of know-how in articulating our innermost hopes for our marriage. Join us for greater insight into what can further enhance your marital relationship.

Relationship Talks

All in the Family: Appreciate

Appreciating your present family

Discover the importance of honouring and understanding your parents, and learn how to effectively communicate with them.


Addressing pornography and masturbation

Through this workshop, learn the effects of pornography and masturbation on the human brain, and how habitual behaviour in these areas can negatively impact a person’s perception of oneself and others as well as one’s relationships with people.

Work-Life Talks

Loving Work, Living Life

Practical P's for fulfilling your calling at work and at home

Take a practical look at work and be inspired to find significance in work and life. Learn the 3 Ps to work-life harmony – Priorities, Perspective and Pace.


Beating Burnout

Managing stress and building resilience for work-life success

Understand stress triggers and recognise how to combat them so as to achieve better work-life harmony.

Work-Life Training

Creating sustainable work-life solutions for your organisation

Through customisable half-day / full-day work-life programmes, nurture a stronger work-life culture in your organisation and implement a comprehensive work-life strategy and flexible working arrangements.